Access to relevant, up-to-date member and industry information is critical to the success of associations and non-profits.

ARI has the research expertise and experience to design and interpret surveys that will meet the specific needs of its clients. Equally important to the project is a useful, readable presentation of the information obtained from survey respondents. ARI prides itself on delivering a report of the survey findings that not only includes a detailed written analysis of the survey results, but also contains graphs, graphic elements, and/or statistical tables to display the data.

Quantitative Research (Surveys)

Quantitative research conducted for associations typically fall into two basic groups: Opinion Surveys and Business Surveys.

Opinion Surveys

To learn what association members/non-members want and need, associations conduct opinion surveys, such as:

  • Member Needs/Satisfaction Assessments
  • Meeting Evaluations
  • Trade Show Evaluations
  • Publication/Readership Surveys
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Educational Needs Assessments

Business Surveys

To benchmark salaries, sales, or other financial markers, associations collect proprietary member company data. Examples of business surveys that ARI conducts are:

  • Operating/Financial Surveys
  • Benchmarking Surveys
  • Compensation/Benefits Surveys and Salary Calculators
  • Business Trend/Conditions Surveys
  • Shipments/Sales Surveys
  • Regulatory Compliance Surveys

Qualitative Research

  • Focus Groups, including in-person and online bulletin board focus groups
  • In-depth Telephone Interviews

Economic Studies & Industry Forecasts

  • Econometric Forecasting Models
  • Economic Analyses
  • Industry Profiles